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Hairy Bikers Ride Into Town 7th June

DSC04195WHILE many middle-aged, bearded men probably whizz through Duns every week on motorbikes, a couple of notable exception’s decided on Monday to rev down their engines and pay a visit to the Berwickshire town.

Si King and Dave Myers – known for their BBC TV cooking series’ The Hairy Bikers – were in town after being invited on a tour of Wicken Fen’s food production factory and to sample vegetarian dishes made by the food manufacturers’ cordon bleu trained chef Claire Weeks. As well as trying the products, the ‘Hairies’ also discussed the possibility of promoting Wicken Fen, whose vegetarian food is currently sold by a host of local and national companies across the UK, including supermarket Sainburys.

The arrival of the bikers to Duns was organised by Mike Batsch, who helps to promote Wicken Fen products through his Promo Sepiens marketing group. Mike shares Simon and Dave’s love of motorbikes and used this connection to persuade the pair to come to Duns. Mike said: “I got in contact with the boys through the internet – they have a website which you can get to through the BBC website. I got in contact with their agent, and she rang me back asking for a formal letter.

“I sent the letter and basically tried to appeal to them by discussing how a few of the people in the office were also motorbike enthuasists, including myself. We didn’t get a reply for a while so didn’t think they were coming but Dave Myers then called me back and we arranged the meeting.”

It is hoped the pair will decide to work with Wicken Fen in the future, with Mike hoping to get an answer from the ‘Bikers’ within the next seven days. He said: “At their visit we had preliminary discussions about a possible commercial venture together through endorsements by the lads or use of their recipes. I have told them to think about it and I will ring them back in a week. It all depends on what they thought of our products.”

Yet, the possibility of a relationship between the company and the bearded duo, who are described as food lovers rather than chefs having never cooked professionally looks positive. Both were said to be impressed on the visit, which including tasting chef Claire Weeks’ dish of red peppers stuffed with carrot and coriander sausages topped with goat’s cheese.

Si King and Dave Myers have made three TV series based on food and travelling despite neither having a background in cooking. Si King is from Newcastle and has previously worked on the Harry Potter films as a locations manger while Dave lives in Cumbria and was a make-up artistic with the BBC before he began his highly successfully television programmes and cookbooks.


From The Berwickshire News